cleos system newaccount failed with “to account does not exist” error message

admin | EOS | 2018-06-01
C++ The following accounts need to be created before you can use eosio.system contract via cleos system newaccount to create accounts: systemAccounts = [ 'eosio.bpay', 'eosio.msig', 'eosio.names', 'eosio.ram', 'eosio.ramfee', 'eosio.saving', 'eosio.stake', ... [阅读全文]
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“Not producing block because the irreversible block is too old” when start nodeos after changing system time

admin | EOS | 2018-06-01
We added a command line argument (–max-irreversible-block-age) that will cause a node to automatically stop production when the last irreversible block time is older than N seconds, an indication that there are not enough producers confirming blocks for the chain to continue forward. This option prevents producers from ... [阅读全文]
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Linux CentOS完全卸载PHP

admin | Php | 2018-05-30
很无语,CentOS居然php版本才5.1.6,很多开源的CMS无法安装。 查看php版本命令: #php -v 下面的命令是删除不干净的 #yum remove php 因为使用这个命令以后再用 #php -v 还是会看到有版本信息的。。。。。   必须强制删除,使用下面命令查看全部php软件包 #rpm -qa|grep php 提示如下: #php-pdo-5.1.6-27.el5_5.3 #php-mysql-5.1.6-27.e... [阅读全文]
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CentOS yum 安装 PHP 5.6.24

admin | Php | 2018-05-30
如果之前有安装其他版本PHP,请先卸载干净 配置yum源 追加CentOS 6.5的epel及remi源。 # rpm -Uvh # rpm -Uvh 以下是CentOS 7.0的源。 # yum install epel-release # rpm -ivh http://rpms.famill... [阅读全文]
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大白话讲解 节点间数据安全传输神器WireGuard

admin | EOS | 2018-05-24
首先说明一下:今天好多朋友都在问EOS DAWN 4.0怎么还没出来?不是说好5.11号出来吗?对,是5.11号,是BM所在地区的时间,不是北京时间。所以,如果是按惯例的话,应该是明天早上5点-6点之间出来。 现在EOS社区的技术氛围越来越浓,许多大陆候选节点/华人参与的候选节点,都在积极参与社区的技术讨论。安全一直是讨论的重中之重。除了防DDoS,还有如... [阅读全文]
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Set contract eosio.system error 3080006: transaction took too long (2)

admin | EOS | 2018-05-21
Shell $ nodeos --max-transaction-time=1000 --resync $ cleos create key # for eosio.token $ cleos wallet import ... $ cleos create account eosio eosio.token ... $ cleos set contract eosio.token build/contracts/eosio.token $ cleos push action eosio.token create '[ "eosio", "10000000000.0000... [阅读全文]
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EOS Error 3080006: transaction took too long

admin | EOS | 2018-05-17
Shell cd eos/build make install cleos set contract build/contracts/eosio eosio.system -x 1000 123 cd eos/buildmake installcleos set contract build/contracts/eosio eosio.system -x 1000   [阅读全文]
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EOS 重置依赖项 重新编译 MAC

admin | EOS | 2018-05-17
Shell brew remove --force boost brew remove --force llvm cd /path/to/eos rm -rf build/ git pull git submodule update --init --recursive ./ 1234567 brew remove --force boostbrew remove --force llvmcd /path/to/eosrm -rf build/git pullgi... [阅读全文]
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EOS ERROR: Linking /usr/local/Cellar/python/3.6.5… Error: Permission denied @ dir_s_mkdir – /usr/local/Frameworks

admin | EOS | 2018-05-17
需要执行以下命令 Shell sudo mkdir /usr/local/Frameworks sudo chown $(whoami):admin /usr/local/Frameworks 12 sudo mkdir /usr/local/Frameworkssudo chown $(whoami):admin /usr/local/Frameworks   [阅读全文]
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EOS ERROR:’stdint.h’ file not found when running the example of smart contract “Hello World”

admin | EOS | 2018-05-17
需要执行以下命令 Shell cd ~/eos/build sudo make install 12 cd ~/eos/buildsudo make install 参考链接 [阅读全文]
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