Make a Thunderbird Add-on compatible with Postbox

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Back in my Windows times I used to use Postbox email client which by far had the best Gmail support. One of the minor obstacles, however, was the fact that not every Thunderbird Add-ons was also available for Postbox since it differs slightly from the former. Therefore Add-ons have to be adapted before they could be used in Postbox.

Many especially smaller Add-ons can be easily adapted by oneself and checked for any compatibility problems.

The following guide briefly explains how to do it.

  1. Get the Thunderbird Add-on that you want to adopt to Postbox. Normally it should be a Zip-Archive with the file extension .xpi.
  2. Rename the xpi file to a zip file and extract the Add-on.
  3. Go into the new extracted folder and edit the file install.rdf. Look for the target application tag for Thunderbird which should look similar to the following:


  4. After this please add the following target application tag for Postbox.

Now save the file and add all files to a new zip archive. Then change the file extension of the archive back to .xpi instead of .zip. You should be done. Try to install the Add-on in Postbox now.

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