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Building a C++ XPCOM Component in Windows

admin | 二次开发 | 2014-06-20
http://briankrausz.com/building-a-c-xpcom-component-in -windows/Jason was kind enough to translate this post to Belorussian. I’ve been teaching myself to write Firefox extensions for the last few weeks, and became interested in XPCOM components. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a good (and recent) summary of them, and had to sp... [阅读全文]
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Davmail+ThunderBird 连接MS Exchange Server

admin | 二次开发 | 2014-06-20
为了方便,来公司之后直接安装了Ubuntu10.04的64bit版本,但是在连接公司的exchange邮箱的时候前短时间一直使用web access,速度慢,ckeck邮件也不方便,所以查阅了很多资料,综合很多朋友的意见,准备试一下 Davmail + ThunderBird 试一下。 之所以选用以上的组合,给予下面的survey and test. (1)Ubuntu 原装版本的Evolution. 还算好用,不过配置... [阅读全文]
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Debugging Thunderbird using Firefox Developer Tools

admin | 二次开发 | 2014-06-20
http://flailingmonkey.com/debugging-thunderbird-using-firefox-developer-tools I recently discovered that it is possible to use Firefox Developer Tools with Thunderbird. Philipp Kewisch has done a fantastic job of his Google Summer of Code 2013 Project to bring Firefox Developer Tools to Thunderbird. Starting with Thunderbird ... [阅读全文]
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Debugging XULRunner applications

admin | 二次开发 | 2014-06-20
https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Projects/XULRunner/Debugging_XULRunner_applications [阅读全文]
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